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questions that clients frequently ask tattoo artist and illustrators

if you have any more questions, call us in victoria bc at 250 590-1831

First things first, this is not a question. It's a matter of human rights. 

Whether you are working directly with me, or within the studio I operate out of, it is important to feel safe and acknowledged. I strive to create a BIPOC, AAPI, and LGBTQ2SIA+ safe space and continually work to develop my allyship. If you have any questions or concerns, call the shop at (250) 590-1831 to speak to Jess, our shop manager, and she will be happy to assist.

Is the shop accessible? 

Yes! Sort of. 

I work on the top floor but can adjust my setup to be on the ground floor when required. Unfortunately, the only washroom is on the second floor atop a flight of stairs. The Bay Centre a block away has accessible bathroom access. 


What are the shop COVID-19 policies? 

Review our COVID-19 policies here.


Can I see my tattoo before the appointment? 

Due to high volume and an extremely busy working schedule, I am unable to show you your artwork before your tattoo session. During the consultation, you will get to meet me, see what I do, and I will tune in to exactly what you want (and don't want!).

All the artwork I create is my intellectual property and is not released prior to tattoo day. 


How can I prepare for my appointment? 

See the week before and day of prep here. It helps to read before your first session so everything goes smoothly!

Mostly, we recommend making sure you're well fed, well hydrated, and relaxed! We now accept cash and e-transfer. 


Can I use any numbing cream or pain relief? 

We do not recommend numbing creams like Emla cream because they change the skin's texture, making it more challenging for us to do our best work. We understand that pain is scary! If you are concerned, speak to anyone at the shop about your options - you may want to choose an area of your body that is less sensitive than others. 


How do I take care of my tattoo now that it is complete? 

See the Painted Lotus Studios aftercare recommendations here.

Find more details from the shop here.

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